About Us

Our goal at Tailored Transitions, LLC is to reduce the stress associated with moving by providing the highest level of service through attention to detail and respect for our clients and their possessions. This move is YOUR MOVE and we want YOU to be the decision-makers. We want to carry out your wishes and assist you with the often times, overwhelming process of downsizing.

Robin Felch

Sarah Lopez

Tailored Transitions LLC It all began with two good friends looking to start a service-based business. In 2016 Sarah Lopez and Robin Felch were given an opportunity to take over Tailored Transitions and they seized it.

It was a small operation (just Sarah and Robin) and as they put their heart into helping others, the business began to grow. It wasn’t long before friends told friends, realtors told clients, retirement communities told perspective residents about the “miracle workers” that can carry all the worries that changing spaces can bring.

In 2018, Sarah and Robin made the decision to become members of NASMM (National Association of Specialty and Senior Move Managers). This allowed people in different parts of the country to find out about the company. It allowed the company to grow outside of the Lakes Region and Tailored Transitions now services the entire state of New Hampshire; people moving within the state, out of state and assisting those moving into the state from other parts of the country.

The schedule filled and the company happily grew so that they could meet the demands of many new friends that just needed clarity, organization and a little muscle to see them peacefully through their project.

Robin and Sarah laugh as they reassure their clients that they are in good hands-all their mistakes were made in the first two years 😉.

Tailored Transitions began with two good friends and after all this time, it continues with two good friends and a fantastic crew!