Tips on Downsizing

It's Time to Start Your Adventures

  • ​Start early and end happy! It’s never too early to begin the downsizing process.
  • Get generous! Since you can’t take everything with you, now is the time to share your bounty with others.
  • Share your memories!  Thin out your photos and share the extras with family members and keep your special ones in a box or location.
  • Books. Large quantities of books will gladly be accepted at libraries.  They take up a lot of space and would be welcomed by a charity.
  • Use it up!  Take inventory of your canned and frozen foods.  Incorporate them into your meals rather than moving them to your new home.
  • Give a yelp for help!  Hire a Senior Move Manager or a moving company (or both!) to do all the packing and moving.  Don’t be too stubborn to allow for help.  Moving is not easy and you shouldn’t do it all yourself.  You have worked all your adult life and deserve some TLC.