What Our Clients Are Saying About Us!

Robin Felch

Sarah Lopez

I used Tailored Transitions in another form. I used them as a support team. They were very good listeners. The downsizing was done on my own after my husband suffered a stroke. There was a time when I had to face things on my own. Nover wait for that "rainy day". It may never come. So while he was in the hospital and rehab I devoted two hours every day to sorting. After 3 1/2 years of my husband's illness, we decided to move. We met with Robin and Sarah. They were so warm to us - like we had known them for years. They eased my mind and my husband saw me less stressed. All the packing was done by these two girls three days before we moved. Pictures were taken from the rooms so setting up in our new place ran very smoothly. They came with their boxes, tape and magic markers. A floor plan was made out of paper furniture (measured and cut to scale) and I was able to put the furniture where I wanted it for each room. The kitchen cabinets and china closet were photographed so everything could be put in the way it was, and everything looked "like home". In two hours we were relocated into our new home. The beds were set up, all complete with linens. My husband's hospital bed was last to go onto the truck and the first to come off and that was set up first so he would have a place to lie down. I just sat on the couch and watched them unpack. All the boxes were taken away and a final vacuum job was done. Oh! By the way, we moved on Halloween. The ladies came as Batman and Robin and the movers came as The Village People. It was a wonderful day which I will never forget. A warm thank you to Robin and Sarah.
From Janet at the Taylor Community:
In the course of my professional career, I have relocated a number of times. Moving is no fun. Placing your belongings in different spaces is a challenge. Moving from a large house to a modest apartment is more of a challenge. Not only do you have to decide how to place your belongings, but you also have to decide what to keep and how to dispose of the belongings you don't keep. Tailored Transitions did a wonderful job in getting me and my wife relocated. They helped us make good decisions, they arranged for the disposal (consignment, gift or trash) of the unused belongings, they arranged for the move and they oversaw the placement of our belongings in our new apartment. They provided a very worthwhile service at a modest cost.
From Bob at the Taylor Community
Our involvement with Tailored Transitions was a very rewarding experience. The opportunity of working with a Move Management Company was very helpful and the personnel that we dealt with were very professional. They were easy to work with, fun to be around and energetic. With the help and guidance of Robin and Sarah, the process of moving went faster, was more organized and less stressful. The resulting move was very successful. We have moved many times in the past but this was our first time using this type of service and would highly recommend it.
From Henry & Nancy at the Taylor Community
I'm forever grateful for all you did with the moving process during an overwhelming time in my life. With the loss of my husband, surgery, and sorting 36 years of my life's stuff, you both were my "angels". You helped with your assisting and kept me focused. You kept me on schedule right through the move. And, you understood my worries with my cats. All went well with them. The day of the move went very well. You planned out everything so well.By unpacking and putting things away, you made my move-in wonderful. I could not have done this without you. Love, Dawn
From Dawn at the Taylor Community
Dear Robin and Sarah, It was a fortunate day for me when I picked up your brochure at MBCC. I was looking at what seemed to be a monumental move from my beloved house of 27 years to an apartment, from over 4,000 square feet to 1,500 - I didn't know where to start. The house had sold more quickly than I had anticipated. I had an already paid three week trip to Europe planned, and I had to be out! You came in, assessed the situation, organized the movers, and went through each room systematically - do we keep it, donate it or sell it? You helped me make difficult decisions, and were always sensitive to my feelings. Now, I cannot imagine doing the move without you. You went to the new residence and arranged the rooms as close to what they had been, especially my beloved kitchen! You never questioned my decisions about what to save or what to get rid of, even if some of my decisions must have seemed a bit daft! (However, I am using all the pasta equipment in a demo here at MBCC!) You urged me to go on the trip, and relax, and it was the best thing in the world that I did. Your organizing tips and checklists were invaluable, and one of the benefits of my move is that I made two new and very good friends! Your innovative method of taking care of my 500+ collection of cookbooks was amazing. Finding those two bookcases in Tom's office and putting them in my walk-in closet was brilliant! I cannot recommend you and your work more highly. Hugs, Barbara
From Barbara at Meredith Bay Colony Club
This is the best system I have ever seen...I do nothing and you do the work. Just tell you what you want to take. It is great to walk in and everything is done for you. You will not be sorry that you used them. The girls were very good. Thank you. I wanted to call you and thank you for your Christmas card and the bag of goodies you left me at the door. It was very good. Again, I like the job that you did on my Curio. June
From June at the Taylor Community
Hello Sarah and all you Miracle Workers, This last month has been filled with a mix of emotions, decision making, and anticipation. My dad’s decision to leave his home of the last 40 years surprised us, but the timing could not have been better. At 95, and a recent widower, he was ready to focus on his own needs. He and my mom had been marrried 71 years and he was her prime care taker as her health significantly declined these past few years. I had explored the Taylor Community for the sake of both my parents a few years ago and they pushed back for a few reasons. Mainly, they assumed that any type of an elderly facility would be stark, cold cinderblocks. Their mindset came from experiences with my grandparents. My dad had pictures and videos, of the Taylor Community so he new he was looking at a much better environment. When he crossed the threshold into room 304 he was awestruck. He caught his breath, put his hand to his brow and began to cry. He said, ‘I didn’t realize how beautiful it would be!” Thank you! He loved the set up and arrangement and agreed that the gold settee and coffee table would have been too much. He commented on your team a few times during the day and asked that I be sure to thank you! Here he is setting up that card table! I’m glad we kept it. Thank you for transitioning a space into his home! Sincerely, Laura
Hello Robin, Rachel and Sarah, We’re numb with amazement at how competently and quickly you orchestrated our move! To be able to just come in and enjoy being in a new place is beyond our wildest expectations and we thank you most sincerely! Still there are boxes to unpack, but they're tucked away in various closets – but we do have a few green stickers to remind us of your so helpful cooperation! We experienced the joy of watching the phenomenal snow/ice removal of all times this morning from the comfort of our new home, and we were so happy to sit in here and watch the incredible job they did. I guess this is why we’re here, and many kudos to you and your helpers for making it such and easy transition! Take care, stay well, and again our sincerest thanks!
You are such an amazing gift ... getting mom to go through things and handle it!? ...Thank you so much for opening up the time to go quicker than planned. You have made all the difference. Again, I wanted to express how happy we were with your service and kindness and that you always worked us in and even down to the last few days. It is so comforting to me to know that you will help close up the house, giving mom the peace of mind that at least that detail will be handled. WHAT WOULD WE HAVE DONE WITHOUT YOU!! I hope you get the peaceful holiday you deserve ... since you give so much of yourself helping others all year long!
This is a long overdue thank you, ladies, for a job well done! You were friendly, reassuring, and efficient when we moved from Deerfield to the Taylor Community in April. I was so exhausted by the time you arrived to pack, and when you told me to sit, I sat. I loved talking with you all but worried I’d slow you down. Talk about needless worries! You boxed up our lives in record time on one end, and you unboxed them with speed and efficiency on the other. You even managed, when unpacking box after box of books and arranging them on shelves, to gather books by author! I was very impressed. You know what really blew my socks off, though? You moved the infamous junk drawer’s contents intact from Deerfield and set up my new junk drawer in the EXACT place I would have chosen myself. Kudos! Thank you so much, and God bless.
Your help in keeping me focused on organizing and getting rid of a lot of “my stuff” was extremely helpful. As well as the floor plan of the unit in positioning furniture and showing me what I cannot use and must find another home for it. You listened without judgement. Thanks so much for unpacking and setting up our new home while we were on vacation. It was ALL great! You couldn't have done more.
-Gail and Rod
Veterans of previous moves, we underestimated how much “baggage” we had accumulated and how much aging had affected our stamina. These nice people, through a series of visits, helped us part with the “unnecessaries” and offered a network of places to send them. They created a to scale mold of our new home to assure us that furniture items would fit comfortably and even took pictures of our kitchen drawers to assure proper placement of our silverware when we moved.
They were present on our moving day to insure that our belongings were placed in the new home’s proper place and oversaw proper placement of kitchen items. They even assembled our bed so that we could stay overnight. Their efforts clearly foreshortened “move in” time and kept us the frustration from living out of unpacked boxes. We came away from the experience pleased to have used them and completely comfortable that the money we had paid was well spent.
-Bob and Estelle
From start to finish, the services provided by Tailored Transitions were invaluable-downsizing, packing, unpacking, scheduling the final cleaning of our sold home when we were totally exhausted and other moving related recommendations. Thank you are two small words that are conveyed with so much gratitude in our moving experience. We rate Tailored Transitions AAA+!
When Tailored Transitions first described to me all their services, I couldn't imagine that they could accomplish all of those goals. Especially moving out and into my new cottage in just one day! But they did and I am forever grateful to them for making the transition go so smoothly.
You all did a fantastic job! Thank you so much for keeping me focused and calm. You made my transition into my new home an enjoyable one!!
Sarah, Helen & Dawn
Thank you so much for all your help, hard work and compassion. You both helped make a stressful and sad situation just a little bit easier. I was able to laugh and cry with no judgement. I would like to hug you both for getting me through this chapter of my life.
Dear Robin, Sarah and Rachel, Thank you for a very successful move to my new home. Being treated with respect and caring was very important to me. I was overwhelmed at the prospect of moving after 21 years full time and a total 51 years of owning this property. I didn’t know where to begin but with your guidance and help, it did get done! I know I had a difficult time letting go of things, I appreciate all the time you took setting up my new home. It looks great and I know you had a lot of things to find space for.